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As a Boulder real estate lawyer James Newell routinely helps clients with objections and other disputes that arise within real estate transactions.

Whether you are purchasing or selling real estate, there are innumerable ways in which the deal can hit a snag prior to closing. And after the transaction is complete, non-disclosure of a material defect in a property could means serious problems for a buyer (and the seller if a lawsuit is filed).

Whether you’re dealing with a buyer or seller who has unusual and unreasonable demands, you want to submit an objection under a contingency within the real estate contract or are negotiating an objection from the seller’s side, or you have reservations about anything else that comes up along the way, it is always best to have a knowledgeable and experienced real estate attorney on your side who can help make sure everything is dealt with properly.

If you need assistance with an objection or dispute within a real estate transaction, and are looking for a Boulder Real Estate Lawyer with a results oriented approach tailored to your matter’s specific needs, contact Newell Law. We have the experience and knowledge to ensure your objection or dispute is handled properly.

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