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The Law Office of James Newell is a results oriented law firm focused on real estate law, wills and trusts, trial advocacy, and small business law.

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There is consensus among legal professionals that legal strategies and documents derived solely from online sources are among the most likely causes of preventable litigation. Easy answers to legal questions and universally iron-clad legal documents are nearly non-existent, so it is important to make sure the advice you follow and the legal documents you use are tailored to your specific circumstances.

If you are involved in a dispute you may need someone on your side who can help break the impasse. Whether your matter has already turned into a problem or you want to be proactive and make sure everything is handled properly from the start, we can help. You can reach us at (303) 625-4022 to schedule an appointment.

If you are involved in a real estate dispute, real estate or business litigation, or need advice or representation in a real estate transaction, and are looking for a real estate attorney in Colorado with a results oriented approach tailored to your matter’s specific needs, contact the Law Office of James Newell. We have the experience and knowledge to achieve the best results possible for your case.

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